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Packing Essentials

at the airport
Please remember to bring a soft suitcase to make the loading of trucks easier, large rucksacks are ideal.  Also remember that internal flights have lower weight limits than International flights, so please check the weight limits with us before you travel.

You will need to bring a few Tanzanian shillings and US dollars.  Most of your holiday is paid for in advance on an all-inclusive or full-board basis so the cash you require is minimal, just bring enough for gifts, memorabilia, drinks etc. It’s a good idea to split the sums around your luggage and travel partners for security

You must have at least one credit card or debit card for the group as some camps and lodges will only take card payments.  There are also many ATMs in town to obtain local currency.​

What clothes should I wear?

Go for neutral colours that help you blend in with the surroundings so you don’t disturb the wildlife. Do not wear bright blue as it attracts the tsetse fly. Shorts or trousers that convert into shorts are ideal. Lightweight walking boots, comfortable shoes or even trainers are best for comfort. Lightweight, breathable fabrics are best, and it’s advisable to cover your arms to avoid sunburn and insect bites.

Don’t forget to bring a fleece or cardigan for evenings, as it can get chilly. A hat is very important too, to keep the sun off the back of your neck. You could also pack a smarter outfit to wear in the evening if you are staying at a luxury lodge. Some lodges have swimming pools so you might want to pack your bathing suit.  ​


Medical and Travel Insurance

Please ensure you have up to date medical and travel insurance that covers you for a safari holiday (check with your provider).

What else should I bring?

A good pair of binoculars is helpful and a camera with a telephoto lens. We recommend a 150-600mm zoom lens (best buy from Tamron or Sigma). Smartphones can take great pictures but are not so good for zooming – however, they are amazingly good at landscapes and sunsets.​

Bring a torch.  There will be one in the tent, but it is best to carry yours along, too.​


Don’t forget to buy Tanzanian electrical adaptors (old UK with round pins and new ones with square pins).  


And definitely don’t forget lots of sunscreen and insect repellent!

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